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Suction Machine

Model:RCHD-3090C1(D) Suction Machine

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Product Name : Suction Machine

Product Model : RCHD-3090C1(D)

Product Usage :

This sucking device shall be used for the occasions such as operating room in hospital, ambulance, field rescue and so on., it is used for sucking the thick sputum and viscous fluid blocking the throat of patient or patient with pediatric disease .

Product Features:

RCHD-3090C electric sputum suction, Built-in environmental Li-ion battery, electricity with multistage showing, and low battery automatic prompt, self-check.                                  

Produt Technical Specification:

1. Power:220V/50Hz,Vehicle-mounted DC 12V 2.6A h

2. Suction pump is negative pressure, one-way pump, never produce positive pressure, ensure safety

3. Equip reliable device to pretend liquid into negative pump

4. Negative pressure adjustive valve be capable of selecting arbitrary valure in limit negative pressure range

5. Limit negative pressure value: ≥0.07Mpa under standard atmospheric pressure

6. Air suction rate: ≥15L/min(at the end) under standard atmospheric pressure

7. Mucus bottle: 1000ml×1    Noise: ≤60dB(A)

Product Packaging Information:

Each one is packed individually in a carton
Package size: 35*26*29mm,GW: 4.1Kg


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