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Shadowless Surgical Light

Model:RC-EH01LE Halogen Examination Light with Back-up Battery

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Product Name : Halogen Examination Light with Back-up Battery

Product Model: RC-EH01LE

Product Features:

1.Cold light operating lamp  meets the requirements of lighting for surgical operations in special circumstances or where there is no power supply.

2.When there is power failure from electric grid or due to some other reasons, emergency power back up.

3.Technical Data:an last 3hours continuously to make sure that the operation can be done normally.                  

4.It is fit for auxiliary lighting for medical examination on ears, nose ,oral cavity, urinary syst em and gynaecology.

Product Technical Data:

Illuminance :≥12000Lux

Color temperature :3500±500K

Power supply voltage:220V/50Hz

Rated power of bulb:24V/25W

Import power:56VA

Bulb :cold light  bulb

Emergency time:3 hours

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