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RC-OTMH3008S Manual Hydraulic Operating Table

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Product Name : Manual Hydraulic Operation Table

Product Model: RC-OTMH3008S

Product Features:

1.RC-OTMH3008S is all mechanically operated, hydraulic pressure increase or decrease.               

2.It adopts stainless steel as its material with nice appearance and compact structure, it brings convenience for operating and can be applied for various surgical operations.

Product Technical Data:

Elevation(up/down): (750-950)mm+/-50mm
Trendelenburg 20°
Reverse Trendelenburg 20°
Lateral Tilt 20/°20°
Head rest(up/down) 30°/90°
Leg Plate(up/down)  90°
Back Plate(up/down) 75°/5°  

Kidney bridge elevation:100+/-20mm


* 1 Anaesthetic Screen

* 2 Shoulder Rest 

* 2 Arm Support               

* 2 Waist Suppport

* 2 Knee Crutch               

* 2 Foot Plate                    

* 2 Long Slider

Packaing Information:

1PCS in a Wooden Box  



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