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Ceiling Pendant

Model:RC-CPME90/160 Mechanical Endoscopy pendant

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Product Name : Mechanical Endoscopy pendant

Product Model: RC-CPME90/160

Product Features:

1.Pendant Applicative Area: Surgical Room/ Emergency Room/ICU/Recovery Room

2.Ceiling Mounted installed.Within 340°revolved,Adjustterminal box location,convience for medical staff operation.     3.The suspension arm is imported by high-strength aluminum alloy extrusion, surface  designed by the first level oxidized rust prevention.

4.Friction brake + Pneumatic brake,adopted by German Standard Gas terminal(Insert and Pull more than 20,000 times.)

Product Techinical Data:

* 1 Single arm,1000mm , The load capacity  is 160kg. Friction brake,with gas brake;

* 1 Column length L=1200mm;

* 4 Gas socket(German Standard import)(CO2x2,Vacx1,AIR*1);

* 10 Multi-purpose power socket;

* 1 Communication Socket RJ45;

* 4 Gas Outlets socket (German Standard)(CO2x2,Vacx1,AIR*1)

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