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Hospital Bed

RC-AS043 Children Hospital bed

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                                                                              Product Name :  Children Hospital Bed

                                                                                     Product Model : RC-AS043


Product Features:

* 2 function or 1 function Hospital Children bed.

*Applicable to all types of hospital.


Product Technical specification:

1) Overall size (L*W*H): 1800*820*500mm

2) Folding side rail (four) is made of Aluminum alloy material.

3) Detachable ABS head board/foot board, with plastic patient name card.

4) Bed Board is made of Cold-rolled steel with punching holes.

5) Fully tested sturdy construction capable of taking a maximum user weight of up to 200kg. 

6)With one height adjustable I.V pole with hook.

7)1pcs Place the debris bar.

8)Equipped with 4pcs mute luxury castors, easy to move and control.  

9)Suitable for 3-12 years child.                                                                         

Product Function:

1) Back section up/down:75°±5°

2) Knee section up/down:40°±5°

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