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RC111-B-B Hydraulic Stretcher Trolley

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Product Name : Hydraulic Stretcher Trolley

Product Model: RC111-B-B

Product Size : 2120*800*680/980mm

Product Description:

1)Bed base: made of quality PP material.Side rail made of Stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

2)Pump:American powerpacker hydraulic Pump

3)Bottom platform is imported PP material

4)Center-controlled brake system,with four 20cm castors

5)With SUS304 Stainlesss steel I.V. pole        

6) backrest can be rise and down by gas spring        

7)equipped with fifth rise and fall guide wheel                 

8) equipped with instrument table.                        

9) Bedbase can through X-ray and Casette tray                                                                                                              

Product Function:                                          

1)Backrest max upward angle:75°                                    

2)Height adjustment :680-980mm



5)Legrest max upward angle:0-45°

Packing Information: 214*81*72cm/135kgs

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