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Infant Radiant Warmer

Model: RC-BRW3000A Infant Radiant Warmer

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Product Name : Infant Radiant warmer

Product Model: RC-BRW-3000A

Product Features:

1.Skin temp.and manual control by micro-computer
2.Over temperature alam
3.Available adjustment of radiator and mattress tilting
4.With one illumination light
5.APGAR timer
6.RS-232 connector
8. X-ray Tray(Optional)
9.LED phototherapy unit(Optional)


Product Technical Data :

Product Model RC-BRW3000A
Electrical requirement 220V 50HZ or 230V 60HZ
Power consumption <700VA
Servo temp.range 25.0℃-37.0℃
Over temp.alarm 38.0
High mode temp.range 37.1-38.0
High mode temp.alarm 39℃
Temp.display range 20.0-40.0
Temp.deviation alarm +/-1.0
Sensor accuracy <+/-0.3
Mattress temp. uniformity <2.0
Heating rate <30MIN
APGAR timing 1MIN, 5MIN, 10MIN

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