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Baby Phototheraphy Unit

Model:RC-BL500 neonatal led phototherapy unit

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Product Name : neonatal led phototherapy unit

Product Model : RC-BL500

Product Features:

1.Small size, light and high irradiation
2.LED Blue light as the radiant source is irradiating uniformly and efficient
3.Circle 360 double sides for more effective radiantion
4.Two phototherapy mode: up side phototherapy and down side phototherapy, can be use separately.
5.The electronic ballast makes the power supply adaptable and the power factor high.
6.Therapy time of phototherapy units from up and down side are displayed separately.
7.Automatically record each therapy time and total used therapy time.
8.Air temperature and skin temperature separately displayed.
9.Power off memory,sincere key for alarm,key-locking and self-examination function.
10.Four alarm functions for safety: Power failure, probe failure, over temperature, fan failure.
11.It is convenient to know the therapy of the infant through observation ports on both sides.
12.Adopt air spring structure and the hood is easy to open and close.
13.The aluminum-magnesium alloy is applied on the base, with two drawers and tray.

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