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Shadowless Surgical Light

Model:RC-ZFH600 Ceiling Type Single Dome Halogen Surgical Shadowless Light

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Product Name : Ceiling Type Single Dome Halogen Surgical Shadowless Light

Product Model: RC-ZFH600

Product Features:

ZF series shadowless Operating lamp  can widely be used in diversified  operation occasion to meet the demand of the illumination, and it is the ideal illumination instrument of the modern operating theater.The Whole reflection optical system is made by CAD/CAM technology, its illumine depth is up to 1000mm ;by using color temperature compensation technology, the color reversion is uprised, and it is more suitable  for the illumination of the complex surgery such as encephalon surgery and thorax surgery. The panel is made of German PC (anti-bullet plastic) by injection moulding, makes the light softer and more reliable.Equipped with imported balance arm suspension system, which is light and handy, six group joints move together and moves smoothly, positions stablely. 360 universal design can satisfy various needed height and angle in the operation.

Product Technical Data:


Colour temperature:4500±300K

Colour reduction index(Ra):94

Illuminance depth:≥1000mm            

Total irradiance:426W/m²

The ratio between irradiance

and illuminance :3.3mW/m²lx

Size of light field:160~280mm

Rated power of bulb 24V:150W            

Service life of illuminant:1,000h

Power supply voltage:AC110-240v,50/60Hz

Brightness adjustment:Automatic8-stage continuous light adjustment

Shift of major and stand by lamp s:Automatic

Lowest height of installation:2900mm

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