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Shadowless Surgical Light

Model: RC-LED T4 Single-Dome ceiling type LED Surgical Shadowless Light

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Product Name : Single-Dome ceiling type LED Surgical Shadowless Light

Product Model: RC-LED T4

Product Features:

1.American LED bulbs                                              

2.50000 hours bulb life                                              

3.titanium main arm                                                  

4.ONDAL spring arm                                                    

5.Light focus also can be controled by the sterile handel

6.color temperature is adjustable                             

7.especially RED color rendering 8.Can change LED bulb respectively

Product Technical Data:

Illumination at 1m(lux)  40000-140000

Light field diameter at 1m (cm) 10-28 D10(mm) 180±40

Diameter of spot D50(mm)  110±35

L1+L2Depthofillumination(cm)   130

Colorrendering index(Ra)   100≥Ra≥85

Color temperature(K)   (3500-4500)±500

Number of LED bulbs72

Averagebulblife(hours)  50000

Heat-to-lightratio(mW/m²lx)   <6

Working distance(cm)  70-140

Power supply 100-240V  50/60HZ

Inputpower(W) 180VA

Ceiling height for installation(cm) 270-320

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