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RC-X102 Mobile X-ray Equipment

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Product Model: RC-X102



Adopt ergonomic design structure with beautiful appearance, operate easily

Use high voltage- endurance tube, supply sufficient kV, mA to take clear and good contrast image

Use mono block X-ray generator, the ball tube can rotate up and down, left and right freely. Also the rocker arm can lift up and down, the patient projection can be at any angle, thus it is operated very conveniently and applied more widely

Use a hand-symmetrical collimator with light source, which can be adjusted according to the needs of beam size, while using high-light simulation light positioning, ruler range, positioning more accurately, taking image more conveniently

◇X-ray generator is installed in the protective lead plate, which reduce radiation to the surrounding environment and radiographer, and the usage of remote distance wireless exposure (also could wired control) is safe to radiographer.

◇The current is divided into three tranches of regulation (15mA, 30mA, 50mA), according to different imaging requirements, which makes application wider

◇Anti-click, anti-scattering, full-wave commutation

◇Electrical performance is stable and reliable, it has protection of tube voltage overvoltage, tube current overcurrent, output overload,etc, which makes operation very safe

◇The telescopic arm angel is more than 60 ° at vertical side


Technical data

 Power Output     


 X-Ray Tube   

Fixed anode

 Commute Method

Full wave commutation  

 Tube Voltage  

4090KV  ( 10 tranches)

 Tube Current   

5090KV 15mA

5090KV 30mA

4080KV 50mA

 Exposure Time   

5090KV 15mA 0.16.3s

5090KV 30mA 0.16.3s

4080KV 50mA 0.11.5s

Power Supply   

220V±10%  50Hz

inner-resistance≤1.0Ω 4KVA

 Operation Method  

Wire /Wireless control, 20 meters microwave remote control exposure. .( Advantage) .

 It is different from infrared remote control exposure, does not suffer any obstacles in the way.


Options : PLX152 Table for Mobile X ray Equipment and Upright Bucky Stand

A. PLX152 Table ( Special for High Frequency Mobile X ray machine )

 The size of PLX152 is 2000mm×700mm×500mm, cassette movement range is 1680mm . Low bed to facilitate the patient up and down, Longitudinal center of the bed frame with the cassette center line are consistent. To make the center of symmetry when photograph,and the movement range of cassette get larger And have manual brakes convenient location, bed body can 360 ° moving flexible

B. Upright Bucky Stand

The height : 1768 mm

Movement range of up and down : 470mm~1468 mm

Grid Density :103L/INCH

Grid Ratio : 10:1

Focus Distance : 150cm ,

Features:  with Stationary Filter line, 18X18

         Can take maximum 17X17X ray film 

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