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X-ray Machine

RC-X8200 HF Digital Radiography System

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Product Model: RC-X8200


This machine is applied to take radiography on every part of human body, such as head, limbs, chest, limbus and abdomen and etc.



1. The electric lift and rotatable newly designed U-shaped frame can meet the photographic requirements of different standing and lying positions. The U-shaped design can make the operation much more convenient and flexible.

2. The world leading 17 million and 9.8 million pixels digital CCD detector can help you get the high-definition images.

3. The leading domestic high power compact high frequency X-ray generator and high frequency power inverter makes the machine much more compact and more convenient without the extra high-voltage generator and cable.

4. Newly designed photographic bed used specially for the U-shaped arm X-ray machine. The bed floating and electromagnetic lock design makes it convenient for the accurate position of the lying patient.

5. Specially designed working station for DR adopts all-digital intelligent touchable LCD control system which is graphic and real color. This system makes the operation easier and more convenient.

6. Apply different photographic parameters according to the human characteristics, such as multi-site, multi-position, multi-body shape, adult and children etc. The parameters can be modified and stored at will and make the operation more convenient.

7. The high quality high frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high frequency power inverter can produce high-definition and good contrast images by high quality radiation and low dose.

8. The application of the KV and MA digital closed-loop control technology and the real time control of the microprocessor ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the dose.

9. The multiple automatic protection features and fault tips ensure safety during the operation process.

10. Support Dicom 3.0.

11. High quality battery is available for the power supply. Normally, about 200 exposure is available after the battery is fully charged. The image quality is stable and reliable without the effect of the net power.


Technical data




High Frequency X-ray Generator

Power Output


Inverter Frequency


Tube Voltage


Tube Current




X-ray Tube


Small focus: 0.6     Large focus: 1.3

Thermal capacity

900kJ (1200 KHU)

Speed of rotary anode


Digital Detector

Type of detector


Field of view


Inch Pixel


Spatial resolution


Pixel size


Grayscale output


Imaging time


Digital workstation

Image acquisition system :

Photo processing software, X-ray synchro Control software, motion control software

Image processing module:

tissue equilibrium, W/L adjustment, Gamma correction, interest district, reversed phase, noise reduction, smooth, sharpen, pseudo color, Edge extraction, shadow compensation, filter neuclear, single window, dual-window, four windows, movement, right rotated 90°,left rotated 90°,level mirror image, vertical mirror image, magnifying glass, image zooming, reset, layer information, label character, drawing label, length measurement, angle measurement, rectangular length, rectangular area, elliptic length, elliptic area

Image storage and transmission:

Dicom transmission

Dicom Worksite SCU

Film printing

Mass storage(hard disk, compact disk)

Mechanical structure performance

Motorized vertical travel

450mm-1700mm(motorized control)

Anode to Screen range

1000mm-1800mm(motorized control)

Rotation range

-40°~+130°(motorized control)


Supply power

380V 50Hz(220V 50HZ is also available)


PLXF153 Intelligent All-Directions Mobile Table

(2000×650×740mm, Longitudinal movement: 200mm, Horizontal movement: 100mm)


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