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RC-X9800D Mammography System

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Product Model: RC-X9800D



A mammogram is a special, low-dose X-ray technique used to take a picture of the breast, detecting and diagnosing any abnormal lumps or masses in breast tissue. It is one of the best tools for the early identification of breast cancer. With early identification, breast cancer can be cured while in the first stage, and recovery is more likely.



1. Unique adopt all-solid-state high frequency high voltage generator. This technology has got the PATENT IN THE USA.

2. The safest mammography at high voltage. There is a built-in X-ray ignition coil in host machine, high-voltage power lines less then 25cm.

3. Electric Isocentric rotating C-arm with a unique automatic back to center function.

4. Optional the third generation imported moving grid.

5. Optional auto/semi-auto/manual, three kind exposure modes.   

6. Optional image output device: digital film printer.  

7. A total of 3 pieces of large size full color LCD screen display, operation table 8 inch LCD screen is a touch key.

8. Comfortable Compression

When some degree of pressure is required for radiography, it allows you to presser the appropriate pressure(up to a maximum of 20kg)and is equipped with MICOM Controls Soft-touch system which is designed to minimize the discomfort of the examine with in the pressure range.

Tissue Compression: Manual and Motorized (Max 20kg)

                                   Compression Force and Thickness Data Display

                                  Micro Controls Compression

                                   Automatic Release

9. Intelligent Automatic Exposure ControlAEC

With the Automatic Exposure Control system, it is possible to produce images with reliable intensity suitable for and film, screen, or method of radiography.

Furthermore, it greatly enhances the convenience of radiography by embedding the Full-AEC function which is capable of utilizing the Auto kV

Type: Solid-State Detector

Microprocessor Control

AEC Mode: Full AECAuto kV

Semi AEC (kV Select)

Manual (kV,mAs Select)

Density Adjustment: 16 density steps

10. X-ray Tube

Model: China Hangzhou LR01

Focal Spot Size: Dual Focus 0.2 / 0.4mm

Target Material: Molybdenum (Mo)

Port Material: Beryllium (Be)

High-speed anode drive: 2800 /1000rpm

Target angle:12°/12°

Anode Heat Storage: 100KJ150KHU

Anode Cooling: Air cooling

Filtration: Mo0.03mmAl0.5mm






X-ray Generator

Generator Type: High Frequency Inverter 80kHz

Self-developed and world advanced  all-solid-state high frequency high voltage x-ray generator

Radiographic Ratings: Large Focal Point 20-35kV/10-510mAs

Small Focal Point 20-35kV/10-100mAs

Power Rating: 6kVA

X-ray Tube

Focal Spot Size: Dual Focus 0.1 / 0.3mm

Model: China Tube

Target Material: Molybdenum (Mo)

Port Material: Beryllium (Be)

High-speed anode drive: 2800 /10000rpm

Target angle:10°/16°

Anode Heat Storage: 300kHU

Anode Cooling: Air cooling

Filtration: Mo0.03mmAl0.5mm

Radiographic Stand

C-ARM Vertical Movement: 590mm


Center of electric rotating C-arm, automatic return function by one key

Rotations Degree: +90°-90°

Automatically released after the exposure pressure settings display. Compression flexible stepless speed.

Max. pressure: 200N

Max. travel: 150mm

SID: 650mm

Cassette Image Receptor

Bucky Device: 18×24cm Bucky drive mechanism

24x30cm for optional

Grid Ratio: 5:1, 30 Line/cm


Line Voltage

110V for optional

220V ac±10%  25A, Single phase



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