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Electrical Surgical Unit

Model:GE-350(Plasma) 80watts electrical surgical unit

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Model GE-350(Plasma) 

80watts electrical surgical unit

Five output modes:

Mono cut                 Cutting: 80W (load 500)
                                Blend:  80W(load 500)
Mono Coag              Coag: 60W (load 500)

Bioplar                     Bipolar Coag: 50W  (load 200)

The characteristics of each function:

1. Cutting: pure cutting, its effect is fine cutting, tissue surface fresh without scab;

2. Blend : The effect is slight coagulation effect in cutting.

3. Electrocoagulation : It can be called soft electrocoagulation or point coagulation. It has a relatively deep coagulation layer and a relatively small scope of action. It can be used with endoscopy.

4. Bipolar Coag : It can be called fine bipolar electrocoagulation. It can quickly achieve the effect of coagulation at the start-up time, automatically cut off the power output during tissue coagulation, achieve excellent coagulation effect, and effectively prevent tissue adhesion.

Product advantages:

1. With memory function, the power set value of the last use appears when restarting the boot.

2. With a neutral electrode contact quality monitoring circuit, it can detect the contact area between the plate and the patient, and systematically detect and evaluate the effective contact area between the plate and the skin. Once the contact area is found to drop to a dangerous level, the system automatically cuts off the output and gives an alarm prompt. It can detect the use of unipolar and bipolar negative plates.

3. It has the function of automatic compensation, stable output power and minimal loss.

4. It can be used for underwater cutting, including tissue cutting in fat-rich areas.

5. It can be used with argon system, endoscopy, hysteroscopy, etc.

Technical parameters:

1. Environmental temperature range: 5 C~40 C; 2. Relative humidity range: <80;

2. Atmospheric pressure range: 86.0-106.0 kpa; 4. Power supply: 220V (+22V), 50Hz (+1);

3. Working frequency: 360-460 kHz; 6. Rated power of equipment: 880 VA+10%;

4. Type of equipment: CF

5. The power consumption of the whole machine is less than 1000VA. (Cutting function 300)

Transport and storage:

(a) ambient temperature range: - 40 55 C;

(b) relative humidity range: < 93%;

atmospheric pressure range: 500 hPa to 1060 hpa;

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