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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-BW360 PC Platform B / W Laptop type

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RC-BW360 PC Platform B / W Laptop type




Products Description

• Multi-Angle, multi-azimuth, 15-inch HD display

• Multiple display modes, 128Gsolid-state disk,fast data storage, operation interface:Chinese/ English/Russian.

• Puncture guide function, depth follow cursor real-time display,  probe automatic freezing function, time can be set, built-in lithium battery18650 international standard cell, duration ≥2H, equipped with recovery U disk

• Comprehensive and rich graphics and text information processing functions

• The unit of measurement can be switched between cm and mm

• Transplanting color ultrasound harmonic imaging technology

• More than 12 inspection modes

• It has functions of gestational age control table, fetal development curve, fetal physiology score and so on

• Report direct editing, multimage selection generation, storage and other functions

• PC platformWindow system

• PW function

• Support multi-lingual

• Image storage: 128GB

• Battery 2-3 working hours

• 2 USB port

• User Manual

• 3 language

• Aluminum case packing



Rich Optional Transducers

Convex probe

Micro-convex probe

Trans-vagial probe

Trans-rectal probe

Linear probe

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