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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-BW580 B / W Laptop type

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RC-BW580 B / W Laptop type



Products Description

• High array, high definition, multi-function display

• 4-6 hours long standby time

• With high-quality digital imaging technology, the image is clearer, widely used in expert visiting, community services, family planning services emergency centers

• Rich probes, sound beam fan-shaped expansion technology, improve resolution and penetration rate

• Compreh ensive and rich graphic information processing functions

• High-quality digital imaging technology, the image is clearer

• Intelligent TGC 8-stage gain control

• Large capacity movie playback, automatic image loop demo

• External USB storage, image upload more convenient

• Compact size,clear image, easy to operate, strong endurance

• 80ele Probe

• 12 inch LED color display

• Support multi-lingual

• Multi-frequency probe

• 65 body mark

• Image storage: 127

• Battery 3-5 working hours

• 1 USB port

• User Manual

• 6 language

• Aluminum case packing


Rich Optional Transducers

Convex probe

Micro-convex probe

Trans-vagial probe

Trans-rectal probe

Linear probe

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