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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-BW370 PC Platform B / W Trolley type

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RC-BW370 PC Platform B / W Trolley type



Products Description

• Trolley black and white ultrasound diagnostic system

• Widely used in the different clinical applications including Abdomen, Obstetrics,Gynecology

• Urology, Vascular, Small Parts, Pediatrics, Cardiology, etc.

• Multiple display modes, more accurate diagnosis of lesions.

• External USB storage, image upload more convenient, large capacity movie playback, imageautomatic loop demo, simple and clear function, easy and fast human-computer dialogue.

• Instant-on (2 seconds)without waiting

• 15-inch LED monitor with 170-degree wide-angle view

• Back-lit silica gel keyboard, more comfortable and wear-resistant

• Rich software package including General measurement, GYN& OB measurement, Cardiac measurement, etc

• Probe frequency from 3.5Mhz-9.5Mhz (Depend on the probe types)

• Support OB Report

• THl and Histogram function

• 38-level local zoom can be used at real-time

• Maximum 655 frames video playback image automatic loop demonstration

• 128ele Probe

• PC platformWindow system

• PW function

• Support multi-lingual

• 3 available probe connectors

• 256-frame cineloop

• 2 USB ports

• 3 language

• 3D workstations



Rich Optional Transducers

Convex probe

Micro-convex probe

Trans-vagial probe

Trans-rectal probe

Linear probe

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