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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-F3 Economical Color doppler Trolley type

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RC-F3 Economical Color doppler Trolley type



Products Description

• Equip with echo enhancement technology, high-performance optimization, New intelli-gent speckle noise suppression imaging technology, and spatial noise reduction tech-nology.

• Toprovide more realistic images and improve the penetrating power of difficult patients.

• Colo Doppler imaging mode

• Fast movie/image playback

• Power Doppler mode

• Pulsed wave doppler mode

• Directional power Doppler mode

• Real-time triplex mode

• Tissue harmonic imaging

• 96ele Probe

• Window system

• 17 inch LED color display

• Color Doppler, B/C/D model

• Image storage: 128G SSD

• 1 USB port

• Trolley

• User Manual




Rich Optional Transducers

Convex probe

Micro-convex probe

Trans-vagial probe

Trans-rectal probe

Linear probe

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