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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-L5 Middle-level Color doppler Laptop type

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RC-L5 Middle-level Color doppler Laptop type



Products Description

• Laptop style color doppler fulfills multiple application solutions for OB/GYN,Vascular,Cardiac diagnostic to fit your routine scanning demands.

• Affordable, easy-to-use ultrasound for precision and confidence at the point-of-care.

• The latest powerful platform

• Various data solutions

• Define your own work-style

• The stable and reliable industrial control platform is integrated with professional ultrasonic module

• Comprehensive clinical application solutions

• High quality image effect rich probe selection

• Powerful inspection function and portable design

• 128ele Probe

• Window system

• Support multi-lingual

• 15 inch LED color display

• Image storage: 128G SSD

• Battery 2-3 working hours

• 1 USB port

• User Manual

• Aluminum case packing




Rich Optional Transducers

Convex probe

Trans-vaginal probe

Linear probe

Trans-rectal probe

Phased array probe

Micro-convex probe

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