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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-P5pro 5D model Color doppler portable type

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RC-P5pro 5D model Color doppler portable type



Products Description

• Combined wth clinical needs and advanced technical measures, the data processig capacity and operation efficiency are greatly improved, and the operation accuracy is improved.

• Easy operation process, quick response to diagnostic needs, can easily deal with complex situations in mobile diagnosis.

• Perfect professional software package(abdomen, obstetrics, urology, etc.) to effectively solve the basic layer of medical needs.

• 4D real skin rendering function

• The obstetric model can modify a variety of measurement combinations

• Windows embedded ultrasonic running platform

• Take ergonomic design into consideration

• With automatic tracing, trapezoidal imaging one key automatic optimization and other functions

• DICOM function, can be directly connected with the hospital PACS system

• Hard disk dynamic and static image storage real-time sharing

• Automatic spectrum measurement

• 128ele Probe

• Window system

• 3D/4D/5D function

• 2 probe connectors

• Support multi-lingual

• 15 inch LED color display

• Battery 2-3 working hours

• 2 USB port

• User Manual




Rich Optional Transducers

• Convex probe

• Linear probe

• Trans-vaginal probe

• 4D Volume probe

• Trans-rectal probe

• Micro-convex probe

• Phased array probe

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