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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-F5 Middle-level Color doppler Trolley type

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RC-F5 Middle-level Color doppler Trolley type



Products Description

• The system has faster computer speed and powerful signal processing capacity, while ensuring higher compatibility.

• Automatic freezing protection of probe.

• 4 probe connectors. Built-in128G solid state drive, External USB storage.

• Humanized design to improve the operating comfort.

• Rich clinical measurement software.

• B/C dual real-time contrast imaging

• Linear deflection in 2D

• Pulse Doppler

• One-click optimization

• Tissue harmonic imaging

• Power Doppler

128ele Probe

• Window system

• Support multi-lingual PT/SP/etc

• 19 inch LED color display

• Multi-frequency convex probe

• Image storage: 128G SSD

• 1 USB port

• User Manual

• Extraordinary ergonomics

• Superior configurations




Rich Optional Transducers

 Convex probe

 Trans-vaginal probe

 Linear probe

 Trans-rectal probe

 Phased array probe

 Micro-convex probe

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