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Patient Monitor

C70 Multi-parameter Patient Monitor

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Multi-parameter Patient Monitor



1. 12.1 inch LCD screen display, bright, low power consumption, efficiency; Touch screen and button operation, dual protection

2. Handle: natural, comfortable, solid

3. Modular mechanical structure design all in a glance, easy disassembly and maintenance, with a high degree of reliability and stability

4. Machine fanless design fundamentally prevents recontamination

5. Aluminum-magnesium alloy stent design, lighter; more stable and better heat dissipation

6. Large-capacity lithium battery , ≥ 4 hours working time on a single charge, effectively extending the battery life

7. Module data transfer uses infrared transmission mode for prevention of electromagnetic interference

8. VGA interface for external mirror display. USB ports support keyboard, mouse operation, USB data transfer; software upgrades, etc Network,multifunctional socket.

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