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Patient Monitor

STAR5000E Fetal & Maternal Monitor

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Fetal & Maternal Monitor


1. 5.6〃 LED screen.
2. Built-in high-capactity Li-ion battery,above 2 hours working time.
3. 150mm wide printer. Special extractable paper slot, easy for paper replacement and observation.
4. Support 3cm/Min, 2cm/Min, lcm/Min real-time printing.
5. Support timing printing.
6. 3-level audio/visual alarms.

7. Folding-up screen, easy for observation.

8. Support data storage and software upgrading by external USB disk.
External SD card optional, for data transfering.

9. Portable hidden handle.

10. Advanced patient files management system.
Manual/automatic FM counting, automatic fetal status scoring system.
FHR signal strength indicatoi; twins cross channel verification.
60 hours real-time waveform review
Timing monitoring function, avoid overtime monitoring.
Wire & wireless central monitoring station connection.

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