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Shadowless Surgical Light

Model: RC-KL01L.IILED Minor Surgery Lamp

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RC-KL01L.IILED Minor Surgery Lamp

This light Suitable for ENT, urology, gynecology examination and outpatient surgery half auxiliary lighting.


An imported LED cold light source is adopted as operation lighting. As a genuine cold light source.  The LED shadowless lamp is pure-DC power supplied, without any strobe or harmonic.  The service life of LED shadowless lamp is long (50,000 h).   LED has high luminous efficiency and it is impact-resistant and strong to resist crumbling,  without mercury contamination. The light it sends contains no infra-red or ultraviolet  radiation pollution.  The unique design of the spring arm.

Technical Data:

Illumination (lux) :60000lux
Color Temperature (k) :4500±500
Input power(VA) :20
CRI Tilt left and right :100≥Ra≥85
Tilt front and back :190°
Spring arm adjusted:  ≥600
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