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Medical Defibrillator

RC-AED7000(plus) Automatic External Defibrillator

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RC-AED7000(plus) Automatic External Defibrillator

RC-AED7000(plus) Product Description of Defibrillator machine is a portable model, which can be equipped at home, in public places, or in the hospitals.
It’s easy and convenient to use when give first aid to patient.
Meanwhile, it has the function of automatic analyzing patient’s ECG data, and then takes corresponding defibrillation energy level according to patient’s current situation, which has greatly improved success rate, and maximum reduced damage to patient’s heart.


1. Color Screen size:3.5"
2. Automatic self-testing
3. Biphasic energy output
4. CPR metronome
5. CPR Coaching (Optional)
6. Adult and Pediatric defibrillation

7. Extensive voice and visual prompts for the operator

Technical specifications:



Biphasic Truncated exponential
Energy Sequence
Charge Time 150J 50J/100J 200J(New battery)

Analysis Time

 9 sec.

The maximum time from the initiation of rhythm analy-sis to readiness for discharge with a new battery
Less than 20 seconds
The maximum time from the initiation of rhythm analy-sis to readiness for discharge after 6 shocks.
Less than 25 seconds
The maximum time fore initially switching power on to readiness for discharge.
Less than 30 seconds
Audible Prompts
19 audible prompts
Visual Prompts
LED prompts; Automatic Self-test
Six Buttons:ON/OFF, Shock and four software configurable buttons
Output Energy Accuracy
±15% into any impedance from 25 to 175Ω
Output disabled when the patient impedance is outside limits
20Ω to 200Ω

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