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Defi 5S Automated External Defibrillator

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Defi 5S Automated External Defibrillator

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight, safe and battery powered device. It is design for simple and reliable operation of trained users. It can be used in situations where there could be several minutes before the arrival of advanced life support (ALS) personnel.

Easy to use
Only two buttons to operate the unit, a green ON/OFF to turn on the AED and the yellow one to deliver the shock to the victim. With the clear and simple audio and visual prompts, the Defi 5c will guide you confidently through the defibrillation step by step

Wide-range environments
In order to save the SCA victims in the wide-range environments, the Defi 5c is design to meet the requirements of IP55.

Clear Voice prompt
The clear, real human voice will reduce the stress when people is saving a SCA victim. No hesitation, just follow the voice prompt, to do the each step of CPR and defibrillation firmly and confidently.

Light Weight
Only 1.9Kg weight, the lightweight and compact size design help people to carry the Defi 5c to the victim's side fast.

Easy to Record and Transfer Data
Data from the unit can be recorded or retrieved from the device using a infra-Red

test itself each time and weekly/mounthly.

A reliable algorithm is essential for deliver a shock quickly and properly!
The Meditech analysis algorithm was developed and tested to ensure that its sensitivity (ability to detect shock able rhythms) and the specificity (ability to detect non-shock able rhythms) exceeded the AHA and AAMI DF80 recommendations.

Technical Specifications:


Automatic External Defibrillator
Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Adult, Child
Biphasic truncated exponential
200-Joules max.
Energy Sequence:
Adult mode: 150J, 150J, 200J
120J, 120J, 150J
Children mode: 50J, 50J, 75J
30J, 30J, 50J

Charge time: (New, at 25°C)
Less than 6 sec. to 150J
Less than 8 sec. to 200J

Voice Prompt:
Extensive voice prompt
Visual Indicators:
LED prompts
Two buttons: ON/OFF, Shock
ECG storage:
1,500 events.
Data transmission

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