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Hospital Bed

RC-MB04 Manual Hospital Bed for Intensive Care Unit

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Manual Hospital Bed for Intensive Care Unit


Generic name: Bed, hospital, ICU, w/mattress

Definition: Hospital (intensive care) bed with four sections, manually adjustable on four swivel castors including a mattress.

Detailed requirements: Mounted on 4 swivel castors, heavy duty, 2 with brake

Transfer bars connect lower distal portions of the 2 foot-end and the 2 head- end legs, providing maximal structural strength

Protective bumpers at all four corners Bed-ends, finished with panels

Four section platform, epoxy-painted steel mesh with side supports to immobilize mattress

Mattress cover removable via side zipper

Manually operated crank allows adjusting backrest (to 72-80 degree), leg section and foot section

Crank-handle folds away underneath the bed With adjustable and removable folding side rails"

Displayed parameters"Sleeping surface: 200x83-90cm (l*w). Height of surface, without mattress, fixed: 51-52 cm.

Mattress: 12cm (h).

Bed frame: 5-7 x 3 cm (h x w), 2mm (thickness). Leg frame 3.2cm x 2.0mm (thickness).

Swivel castor wheels: 3 x 12.5cm (w * diameter). 2 castors with brakes.

Carrying capacity: 150-240kg.

Knockdown construction: yes

Raw Materials(if relevant): High resistance to corrosion (tropical environment)

Frame: epoxy coated tubular steel.

Mattress: high-density polyurethane foam, density 27-33 kg/m3

Cover: plastic, flexible highly tear resistant, anti-static, flame retardant, disinfectant- and liquid proof, washable

Caster frame/bracket: steel or nylon

Caster wheel: single wheel, mold-on type, non-hooded (for easy maintenance)

Wheel bearing: sealed bearing in the swivel and the wheel Swivel is ball-bearing

Mobility, portability (if relevant): N/A

Accessories (if relevant): 1 x complete set of tools required for assembly

1-x fitting mattress with cover(includes in standard configuration)

2-x removable folding side rails(includes in standard configuration)


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