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Color Ultrasound Machine

RC-BW350 B / W Laptop type

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RC-BW350 B / W  Laptop type




Products Description

• High definition and multifunctional trolley type full digital ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
• The image is clear and the operation is convenient
• 15 inch LED liquid crystal display
• Powerful image post-processing functions
• The first class digital imaging technology, the image is clearer
• DBF all digital beamforming
• DRF real-time dynamic reception of focus by point by point
• DRA real-time dynamic sound velocity change
• THI tissue harmonic imaging
• RDA real-time dynamic aperture imaging
• DFS numerical control dynamic frequency scanning
• RDF real-time dynamic filtering
• A stable and concise operating system
• Backlight silicone keyboard, more comfortable and wearable, darkroom use no longer worry
• Intelligent menu, human-computer dialogue is easy and quick
• Shows two puncture guide lines, adjustable angles and positions
• The multiple rate shows that the diagnosis is more accurate
• External USB storage, image uploading more convenient
• Large volume movie playback, image automatic circulation demonstration
• Abundant measurement functions: distance, circumference, area, volume, obstetric table, heart software package, etc



Rich Optional Transducers

Convex probe

Micro-convex probe

Trans-vagial probe

Trans-rectal probe

Linear probe

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