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RC-7CB Hydraulic Transfer Stretcher

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RC-7CB Hydraulic Transfer Stretcher


A transfer stretcher with double hydraulic system. 5 functions achieved by hydraulic, gas spring and crank system together A pair of push-handles at the head and foot side , help user to move the stretcher. Central-lock systems with castors diameter 150mm. Matched with direction castor under the chassis, help users easily control the stretcher direction. X-ray permeable bedboard for x-ray examination on the stretcher. Backrest: controlled by the switch under the back section. Legrest: controlled by the crank under the bedboard UP-DOWN: controlled by treading pedals Trendelenburg & Rev. Trendelenburg: controlled by treading pedals.

Technical Specifications

Main material: Steel structure, X-ray permeable bedboard

Overall size: 2070*750mm

Bed board: 1930*630mm

Side rails: 1105*340mm

UP&DOWN: 915-685mm (From floor to bed board)

Swivel Castor: Diameter 150mm

Net weight: 105KG

Weight capacity: 175KG

Back-rest lifting: 0-75°±5°

Leg-rest lifting: 0-50°±5°

Trendelenburg & Rev. Trendelenburg: 0-13°

Intended use: Hospital or similar places

Classification: Class I

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