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QL2028 Integral Dental Unit

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QL2028 Integral Dental Unit


1. All controlled by the electric valve
2. DC Motor
3. Automatic thermostatic water supply system
4. Handpiece tubing with standard fittings (3sets), Three way springe (one for hot, one for cold)(2sets), Water suction and saliva ejector (with switch)(1set), Powerful suction apparatus (1set each)
5. Easy cleaning Integral and turn able toughened glass spittoon
6. Strong and weak dual-purpose operation light (1set), X-film viewer (1 set)
7. Water purified system with bottle of built-in
8. Spirit lock tight Equilibrium device
9. Doctor stool (1set), Foot pedal (1set)
10. Suitable for adult and children headrest.


Air pressure:0.55MPa
Water pressure:0.2MPa-0.4MPa
Highest position:860mm
Lowest position:440mm
Spittoon: ceramic
Instrument tray:standard:down mounted, option: top mounted
Color:7 colors optional
Net weight:200kg
Gross weight:250kg

Packing size:136*95*112cm

Options Accessories:

High speed air turbin Handpiece.(2sets)
Low speed air motor Handpiece.(1set)
Fiber optic system for high speed handpiece.(1set)
Fiber optic handpiece.(2sets)
Built-in LED curing light.(1set)
Built-in Ultrasonic scaler.(1set)
Endoscope equipment.(1set)
Oil-less medical air compressor.(1set)
Vacuum pump for suction.(1set)

Standard configuration:

Patient seating body formed with highly flexible design enabling various angles seat
All controlled by computer
Three way syringe (one for straight and one for angled)
Strong and weak two set LED sensor operation lamp
Saliva ejector (Central vacuum system for options)
24V noiseless imported DC motor
Pure water one-touch switch system
Water purified system with bottle of external
Automatic thermostatic water supply system
24 v low voltage of film viewer, do not leave treatment can clearly see the X-ray image
Spirit lock tight Equilibrium Equip
4-hole / 2-hole handpiece tubing with standard fittings 3sets
Integral ceramic spittoon
Water purified system with bottle of external
Multi-adjustable headrest gives the patient pleasant position during treatment
Foot pedal
Dental stool

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