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Shadowless Surgical Light

Model:RC01L.IILED Minor Surgical Light

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            RC01L.IILED Minor Surgical Light


Technical parameters

Safety classClass I equipment

Operation modeContinuous operation

Equipment categoryNon-AP / APG equipment

Inlet protectionNo prection fluid

The device has no signal input and output

The device does not have the part of the defibrillation discharge effect protection

The device is a permanent installation of equipment

Normal work condition

ambient temperture5℃~40

Relative humidity:≤80

Atmospheric pressure:860hpa1060 hpa

Power voltageAC220V  50/60Hz  DC24V

Color temperature6700K≥TC≥3000K

color rendering index100≥Ra≥85

NoteLamp has no data of Depth of light beam, effect of shadowess and Light spot diameter


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