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RC-BHU01 Bedhead Unit

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            Bedhead Unit RC-BHU01



The Feature of RC-BHU01 ICU Medical horizontal Bedhead unit:

Bedhead unit refers to a special device that can place all the equipment. power supply and gas circuit in one place. its basic structure is composed of medical gas terminal. power supply network terminal box communication calling equipment, etc, its main clinical purpose is to carry the medical equipment required by a bed, etc. The equipment hoisting tower and the equipment hoisting bet play an important role in ensuring sufficient rescue space around the hospital bed and ensuring the normal use of the circuit. gas pipeline and pressure channel in emergency situations .


Technical data:



Bed Head


End cover




Light Cover


Light Switch


Gas Outlet (British)


Electrical Socket(Britixh)


Nurse Call


Telephone socket


Networking socket


*We can customize the BHU length,number of gas and power terminals.



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