Ultrasound machine

Model: RC-T8

Cardiac Special Color doppler trolley type

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Product Introduction

Products Description

• The high-end ultrasound applies outstanding image resolution, inelligence operation flow, ergonomic design and intimate man-machine interaction as an organic whole.

• High quality clinical performance, rich measurement software can quickly and conveniently solve the needs of cardiology, abdominal, peripheral vascular, superficial parts, skeletal muscle, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, newborn and other clinical diagnosis.

• Stable platform and user-friendly operation design improve the work efficiency of doctors to a greater extent.

• Continuous wave Dopler Imaging(CW)

• Tissue Doppler Imaging(TDI)

• Anatomic 3M Mode lmaging

• Color M Mode lmaging

• Auto IMT(intima-media thickness) Measurement

• Trapezoidal lmaging&Panoramic Imaging

• 3D/4D Imaging

• Free Hand Elastography

• 128ele Probe

• Windows Embedded operation system

• 120G SSD + 1T HDD

• 21.5"LED display + 13.3'' Touch screen

• User Manual & Maintenance Manual

• 4 probe connectors

• 4 USB ports


• 4D package

• 10 Language

• Full measurement software package

Rich Optional Transducers

• Convex probe

• Linear probe

• Trans-vaginal probe

• 4D Volume probe

• Trans-rectal probe

• Micro-convex probe

• Phased array probe