Tabletop steam sterilizer

Model: RC-TAD (8L/12L)

Tabletop vacuum steam autoclave

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Product Introduction

The sterilizer is a fast sterilization desktop equipment with safe and reliable automatic control program. Using the European CLASS N standard, with beautiful appearance, it is the most sophisticated and economical medical equipment to sterilize solids. The Sterilizer is suitable for health care center, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes etc. Providing sterilization for the items that are resistant to saturated steam, such as surgical dental ophthalmic instruments, glassware, chemicals, culture media, fabric accessories and food.
Quality stainless steel inner tank, sealed cover
The microcomputer controls the automatic cycle, 121°C and 134°C can be set
Safety interlocking device
Touch buttons
Equipped with standard test interface
Open type top water tank
European Class N standard.
With Automatic protection function: Over temperature protection, over pressure protection, low water level protection, anti dry burning, Sterilization end buzzer reminder, automatic stop
Automatic discharge of cold air, automatic exhaust steam after sterilization
Build-in steam generator to provide saturated steam quickly
Product Technicial Data  
Volume 8L 12L 16L 18L 23L
Chamber size Φ170*360mm Φ200*385mm Φ230*390mm Φ250*370mm Φ250*470mm
Working temperature 134℃
Working pressure 0.22Mpa
Consumed power 1500W 1800W 1800W 2200W 2200W
Weight 32KG 43KG 44KG 48KG 53KG
Power 110-220V/50HZ