Ultrasound machine

Model: RC-P6

Cardiac Special Color Doppler

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Product Introduction

Products Description

• Professional 4Dcolor doppler model for OB&GYN applications with full optional probes, including specialized measurement software.

• 15 inch LED medical level screen with sharp image.

• Built-in 128G hard disk for fast responses and smooth working.

• Portable design with 15600MAH built-in lithium battery to work in diffrent environments.

• Multiple interfaces to connect the thermal video printer, paper printer and extra monitor, kind patient management system, editable diagnostic report, to improve the working efficiency.

• Abundant obstetrics and gynecology measurement software

• Full digital tissue harmonic imaging unit

• Continuous-wave Doppler echo cardiography

• Built-in large capacity lithium battery

• Color Dopper flow imaging unit

• Real-time 3D/4D imaging mode

• Space composite imaging unit

• Directional energy Doppler imaging unit

• Automatic image optimization and adjustment technology

• Trapezoidal imaging unit

• Adaptive spot suppression technique

• Real time triple sync unit

• 128ele Probe

• 4D Package

• 128G integrated HDD

• User Manual & Maintenance Manual

• 2 probe connectors

• 2 USB ports

• DICOM 3.0

• 5 language

Rich Optional Transducers

• Convex probe

• Linear probe

• Trans-vaginal probe

• 4D Volume probe
• Trans-rectal probe

• Micro-convex probe

• Phased array probe