Ultrasound machine

Model: RC-T3

Full-Body Application Color doppler trolley type

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Product Introduction

Products Description

• An all-purpose application-type ultrasound system that demonstrates the perfect combination of image enhancement technology, easy workflow, and rich applications.

• With a focus on budget constraints, designed to meet the diagnostic needs of multiple departments and bring a new experience.

• Tissue Dopper Imaging(TDI)

• Continuous wave Doppler Imaging(CW)

• Anatomic 3M Mode lmaging

• Color M Mode Imaging

• Auto IMT(intima-media thickness) Measurement

• Trapezoidal Imaging

• Free Hand Elastography(optional)

• 3D/4D Imaging(optional)

• Panoramic Imaging(optional)

• 128ele Probe

• Windows Embedded operation system

• 120G SSD + 1TB HDD

• 21.5"LED display + 13.3'' Touch screen

• User Manual & Maintenance Manual

• 4 probe connectors

• 4 USB ports


• 4D package

• Full measurement software package

Rich Optional Transducers

• Convex probe

• Linear probe

• Trans-vaginal probe

• 4D Volume probe

• Trans-rectal probe

• Micro-convex probe

• Phased array probe