Bedhead unit

Model: RC-BHU01

Bedhead Unit

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Product Introduction

  • The Feature of RC-BHU01 ICU Medical horizontal Bedhead unit

    Bed head unit, mainly used in hospital wards, can carry equipment such as gas terminals, power switches and sockets. It is an essential gas terminal control device for central oxygen supply and central suction system. We can customize the length for Bed head unit and also can customize the power and gas terminals according to the requirements.

  • Specification
    Bed Head 2m
    End cover *2
    Light *2
    Light Cover *2
    Light Switch *2
    Gas Outlet (British) *4
    Electrical Socket(Britixh) *8
    Nurse Call *1
    Telephone socket *1
    Networking socket *1
    *We can customize the BHU length,number of gas and power terminals.