Medical outlets

Model: RC-MGO01

Medical gas outlets

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Product Introduction

It is a supporting instrument for the air supply system of medical center, and is used as a quick connecting socket for the air supply of hospital wards and operating rooms. Its characteristics are:
1. The socket port has the structure design of anti-misconnection and the identification of specific gas, so that all kinds of gas joints and the socket terminal have the unique matching.
2. Integrated assembly structure, easy maintenance and repair.
3. The installation size of various gases is the same, and different gases use different colors, text and positioning ring size to prevent errors in the installation and use process and ensure the safety of gas use. The positioning of terminal caps is also different, and the caps are not interchangeable with each other. 
4. Technical parameters
4.1. Applicable ambient temperature -20℃~60℃, ambient humidity 10%~95%
4.2. Working pressure
Oxygen and air (breathing) ≤0.6MPa; Negative pressure ≤-0.1MPa
4.3. Maximum gas supply flow rate is 200L/min, maximum inspiratory flow rate is > 40 L/min, maximum excess gas volume is 300L/min