Infant jaundice meter

Model: RC-JD01

Infant Jaundice Meter

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Product Introduction

Technical parameters
a.Measurement method: light reflection type;
b. Light source: LED;
c. Display screen: liquid-crystal display;
d. Indication value tolerance: 0-25 mg / dl ± 1.0 mg / dl;
e. Power supply: lithium battery DC3 7V, ≥ 1500mah, it could be used for more than 800 times after one full charge;
f. Calibration tool: Indication value shows 0 in the white end and shows 16.0 ± 1.0 in the yellow end.
Main functions:
a. Display simultaneously both measuring units -- μ mol/L、mg/dL.
b. Data storage function: it has the function of storing 200 measured values.
c. Caculate average value: it could caculate the average value of first five tests.
d. Start up and use without preparation time. 
e. Battery voltage detection: when the battery voltage of the meter is too low, the screen displays "low battery".
f. Automatic shutdown function: when not in the charging state, the meter stops operation and automatically shuts down after 10 minutes.
g. Battery power display: when the upper right corner of the screen displays they respectively indicate that the remaining power is about 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%.
h. Charging display function: when the instrument is charged, the display screen will be on and shows "charging..." .