Surgical shadowless light

Model: RC-LED DT61/DT61

LED Surgical Light

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Product Introduction

  • Technical Parameters

    1. Simple control method, efficient customization of required functions.

    2. It adopts imported LED cold light source and ultra-thin optical lens.

    3. Adjust the brightness of the LED infinitely in digital.

    4. Having a function of adjusting the spot diameter.

    5. Removable handle cover for easy cleaning and disinfection.

    6. Independent minimally invasive lighting.

    7. With R9 function and color temperature adjustment function.

    8. The spring arm is imported spring titanium alloy big arm no welding, to ensure that there is no driftat each angle of 90°.

  • Main Functions
    Illumination at Im(lux) 160000/160000
    Illumination at im on Endo mode(lux) 15000
    Light filed diameter D10mm 180±40/180±40
    D50(mm) 110±35/110±35
    Depth of LI+L2illumination(cm) 150
    Color rendering index(Ra) 100≥Ra≥85
    Red color rending index R9 ≥97
    Optional color temperature(K) 6700≥Tc≥3000K
    Number of LEDs 60/60
    Average bulb life(hours) 50,000
    Heat-to-light ratio(mW/m 2lx) <6
    Power supply 110-240V
    Input power(VA) 150W/150W
    Ceiling height for installation(cm) 270-320
    Green color rending index R11 ≥97