Surgical shadowless light

Model: RC-LED DTR78

LED Surgical Light

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Product Introduction

  • Products Description

    1. Light and thin aluminum alloy light head.

    2. Intelligent touch control panel.

    3. Color temperature adjustment.

    4. Electric & manual focusing.

    5. R11 mode (green mode).

    6. High color rendering index suitable for neurosurgery.

    7. R9 mode (red display index).

    8. Compensation mode (operation environment automatic compensation mode).

    9. Endo mode (suitable for endoscopic surgery).

  • Technical Data

    Illumination at 1m(lux): 160000/160000

    Illumination at 1m on Endo model(lux): 15000

    Light field diameter D10 mm: 180±40/180±40

    D50 mm: 110±35/110±35

    Depth of illumination L1+L2 mm: 150

    Color rendering index(Ra): 100≥Ra≥85

    Red color index R9: R9≥97

    Optional color temperature(K): 6700K ≥Tc≥3500k

    Average bulb life (hours): 50000h

    Heat-to-light ratio(mW/m ²lx): <6

    Power supply: 110-240V

    Input power(VA): 150W/150W

    Ceiling height for installation(cm): 2.7-3.2m