CPAP system

Model: RC-200A

CPAP ventilator

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Product Introduction

  • Application

    The CPAP System makes a good performance in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and other departments. Periong Medical CPAP System offers you the choices you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique. The expertise in ventilation is based on more than 23 years rich history of developing CPAP solutions that meet your requirements. Great performance is based on high security, high accuracy, high stability and accurate monitoring.

  • Features

    1. 7" TFT LCD screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information and oscillographs.

    2. Intergrated breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep hygiene.

    3. Multiple parameters monitoring interface ensures every parameter is clear, let operator know the patient conditions in all aspects.

    4. Real time pressure-time oscillographs and high precision oxygen concentration detection function included.

    5. Built-in air and oxygen blender, ensure stable oxygen concentration.

    6. Stable and low noise air compressor creates quiet work environment for doctors and patients, able to support 2-3 CPAP machines at the same time.

  • Technical Specification


    Oxygen concentration Adjusting range: 21% -100%
    Mon itoring range: 15% -100%
    CPAP Adjusting range: 0cmH2O - 15cmH2O
    Monitoring range: OcmH2O - 60cmH2O
    Continuous flow Adjusting range: 2L/mln - 20L/min
    Monitoring range: 2L/min - 20L/min
    Manual ventilation Output flow: 20L/min ± 5L/min
    Air compressor Continuous output flow: ≥25L/min
    Peak output flow: ≥120L/min
    Oscillograph display P-T (pressure - time)